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Introducing IMPROVleadership™ online training.
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Improvisation is performing without a script.

Though it gives the appearance of spontaneity, real improv requires practice and preparation to develop the ability to act and react in the moment.

Slingshot Group developed IMPROVleadership™️ to help leaders do just that. This online training will teach you how to take any situation and leverage it to build trust, encourage risk-taking, increase collaboration, and promote creativity on your team.

Which, in turn, will move people toward becoming more committed to their roles and performance.


Team member underperforming and you don’t know why?

Are you struggling to keep staff for the long term?

Have meetings replaced experienced and informed decision-making?

Are you having to force collaboration among your team?


Stop the struggle and start loving your work. 

With IMPROVleadership™️ online training, you'll move beyond managing to truly leading your team and loving your work.

What's Included

A course created by experienced ministry practitioners.
Designed for the real world.

  • 38 videos covering the 5 competencies of IMPROVleadership™️
  • Work at your own pace lessons designed for those in full-time ministry. Complete the course in only 5 days or take 5 weeks—it's up to you. 
  • Tools that help you get more out of your leadership and your team!
  • Exclusive access to Slingshot coaches via Slack 

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Organizations that are #WINNING with IMPROVleadership™:

"IMPROVleadership™ gives simple, transferrable tools for leaders to be able coach those in their care to be taking next steps in personal and leadership development."

Parkcrest Christian Church

"This course provides leaders with tangible tools to take back to their teams and impact their effectiveness as a leader and as an overall team. Way to lead well, Slingshot team!"

Christ Church of the Valley

"Slingshot was able to articulate clearly and concisely the formula for 'helping people love their work.' This will change the way I serve my teams."

Compass Church

Make a lifelong impact.

As a leader, you're shaping those around you. Now is the time to start doing it intentionally. With IMPROVleadership™, you can become a better leader this week.


Register now and save!

Get the special launch price of $̶1̶9̶9̶ $149 by clicking below. This is a limited time offer—hurry before it expires!


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